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Legacy parties maintain their monopoly in CT by excluding emerging parties from TV debates

David Collins in CT's The Day:

Now that a final schedule of televised debates for Connecticut's Senate race seems to be coalescing, it is becoming clear to the two independent candidates on the ballot that they are not going to be included.

Warren Mosler, the exotic car manufacturer who petitioned his way onto the ballot as the candidate for the The Independent Party, sent out a cheery press release last week saying he had been accepted by the vetting committee of the League of Women Voters to be included in their Senate debates.

Alas, a spokesman for the group explained to me this week that it is having a hard time getting commitments from other candidates and a broadcast television partner.

So far, there are officially no televised League of Women Voters Senate debates for Mosler to be included in.

I suspect, from what I heard from the league, that the major party candidates, Democrat Richard Blumenthal and Republican Linda McMahon, would not want to participate in a debate in which they would share the stage with the two minority party candidates who are also on the ballot.

Poor babies! Courage like that will certainly play well in Versailles!

And to think you imagined that the two legacy parties actually oppose each other! They may hate each other, but they still prop each other up. Yay!

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why we have to find a way to transcend the major parties and the moneyed media. We need a way to organize that shuts them out.

That way is the IVCS. Series on it is here.