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The legacy parties are on the wrong side of history

Simon Johnson:

In all previous confrontations between elected authority and concentrated financial power in the United States, the democratic element has prevailed (see chapter 1 in 13 Bankers; also Monday’s WSJ, behind the paywall). This can happen again – but only if you stay engaged, argue this out with everyone you know (including your elected representatives), and help change the mainstream consensus on banking definitively and irrevocably.

One way or another, we will win and Versailles will lose.

Post-collapse, perhaps, but we will win.

NOTE Although I hate to disagree with Simon Johnson, obviously I have a very different concept of what engagement means, and who to engage with. To me, the best way to engage with the banksters is to starve them of blood by denying them rents.

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we could both lose.

more and more I am worried we will turn into Argentina circa 1980.