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Legacy parties


Via Rassmussen, 68% say political class doesn’t care what most Americans think. As Ian Welsh points out:

[T]he only mysterious thing is why it’s only 68%.

Of course, the real question, which Rassmussen carefully doesn't ask, isn't the political class, but the class that funds and owns the political class.

That class being the banksters and rentiers -- the guys that looted the economy in the last crash, and emerged bigger and more powerful than before. And it's important to pay thes guys as little rent as possible. Which can be hard to get people to understand:

Has anyone noticed Comcast just added dozens of new HD channels, including, finally, news channels like CNN, Fox and MSNBC? Also lots of the smaller cable channels. Mine went live yesterday, and they didn't even announce it, they just showed up in my channel guide. I feel a little bit better now about how much I pay them.

That's not just inane; it's actively harming the values and interests of millions -- which is what politics is all about -- by paying rent to their enemies and destroyers.

Sure, if you've got to pay a rentier for Internet access, do so. But paying one thin dime for "news channels"? How does that make any sense at all?

NOTE We're not the only ones.

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