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Last one off Wall Street cut out the lights

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there's a dot graph explaining what happens in government bailouts here. Banks being run as they are without change, the results aren't going to look like the 1980 Chrysler bailout, but rather the 1989 S&L and the 2001 US airline industry bailouts. Now, I want to point out something else here. Check out who was president and who was in control of the Congress, when financial institution bailouts became necessary. Spot any trends, there, my friends? It's not the rich we can't afford anymore. It's the GOP.

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Thats a lot of dots connected for one tiny post.

At this point

GOP = Sociopathic.

Reminds me of this other group who knew their cause was lost, but allowed an entire country to be decimated in order to fullfill their insane self-fulfilling prophesies and prove themselves right in hope of regrouping elsewhere and beginning the process all over again.

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That could be so many groups throughout history. Care to give us another hint?