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Larry Lessig for Congress

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Second Life as preparation for higher office? Perhaps so.

Is America ready for a digital politics?

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While Lessig and others including Survivor winner and management consultant Yul Kwan are trying to decide whether or not to run for the open CA-12 House seat, Jackie Speier has been gearing up for six months and running flat-out since her formal candidacy announcement on January 14.

Not at all arguing that Speier should be handed the job, and she isn’t planning on that happening. She’s rounded up over a hundred local, state and national political endorsements and has financial commitments more than sufficient for a very heated campaign against serious opposition right on through to November. When you see this posting on his web site, however, it isn’t clear if Lessig has a real grasp of what’s required to be nuts-and-bolts competitive in the political arena:

February 21, 2008 11:47 PM - comments (0)
So as we consider this seriously, I realize we need some serious advice and help with federal election law (amazingly, it turns out federal law is not terribly clear about some stuff). I'd be grateful for any volunteers.

That does sound seriously serious; who could have anticipated that federal election law would be an issue that is unclear and needs careful and educated addressing?

Putting more progressives in office is a wonderful goal; if Lessig wants to be one, he should consider another district in which to run.

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could go after Republicans the way you just went after a progressive.

Thank you, I will now work top defeat Jackie Speier regardless of whether Larry runs, because it is clear her supporters are arrogant and vicious.

And therefore not progressives, but just self obsessed egomaniacs.

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As only someone who disagrees can be.

I've been called worse, sticks 'n' stones and all that, and I'll let this one slide but in future, be aware that making enemies when you don't need to is always a costly gambit. Disagreements can be engaged without resorting to personal insult. If you are going to start a personal conflict you should be certain that it won't cost you more than you stand to gain; above all, be sure to factor in the cost to your own reputation.

If stating reality is arrogant, then I'm guilty; if warning an innocent to not step in front of an oncoming train is vicious, then I'm that as well.

For the record, I did not say that Lessig shouldn't run. What I said was that Speier will crush him, which is only the truth, and that if he's serious about wanting to be in Congress he should pick another district, which is only common sense.

Speaking of arrogant, I'd say that is exactly Lessig's problem; safe in his sinecure at Stanford, his inherent elitism having found an emotionally rewarding populist outlet, he does feel that he and he alone has all the answers. There is The Lessig Way, and if only everyone would just do as he says then all will be well. As I wrote earlier, a run for office would do him a world of good; nothing like a public butt-kicking to sharpen up the flabbiness of theoreticians.

I've written to Lessig with the same observations I've expressed here. We'll see what he decides, but reality remains the same; Jackie Speier will be the next member of Congress from CA-12.