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Lambert appreciation thread

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For me, the cool thing about being a Corrente Senior Fellow (active or emeritus, or whatever the fuck I'm doing here these days) is posting on my favorite blog on the whole intertubes.

Now, there are a few awesome folks whom we'd surely like to hear more from these days. Some tell us they're keeping their powder dry until the "pie fight" is over, and that's cool. "Whatever gets you through the night," as John Winston/Ono Lennon once said.

But they also serve who stand and don't wait. And few have done that like one Lambert Strether.

He was blogging when the leftysphere stood against the conventional wisdom.

And now that the leftysphere has rolled over for such manufactured memes as "Hillary is a rabid Rovian racist assassin determined to destroy the Democrats," he stands boldly shrill still.

Lambert has cultivated perhaps the most diverse group of writers ever to grace one C-list blog. And he is, simply put, my single favorite blogger anywhere.

I don't know if there's an official Corrente Code somewhere, but it seems basically: write well, be honest, and give a damn. And he does, he does.

Lambert has an amazing ear for an important story, a heart set to hammer against hypocrisy, an undying concern for social justice, and a wit that rapiers only wish their sharpness were compared to.

He knows that blessed are the Ramen eaters... and healthier are those who grow their own food, when they can.

When Left Blogistan decided that this campaign demanded a little too much democracy for its taste and that the old media critique just didn't matter anymore — why quibble with conventional wisdom now that the old-hat baby-boomer party-partisan Bubbas are being replaced by a creative class that's younger and has better fonts... and fewer icky and divisive concerns like "feminism" — he stood up for partisanship.

With apologies to group and its think du jour, it might try recalling when being "The Blogosphere's Paul Krugman" was, as Mr. Lennon said of working-class heroes, something to be.

Perhaps, like me, you think it still is. And if you do, please show Lambert some love here.

Finally, while money can't buy you love, it does buy hamster feed. Please consider supporting the House That Lambert and His Mighty Band of Fellows Built, via the links in the right margin.

Peace, y'all!

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Submitted by Aeryl on


Blessed be to that Fabled Blogwhoring by Melissa at Shakesville that led me here.

This was the first blog I found that not only defended Clinton from the egregious sexism of the campaign, but also where people who thought she should win, could claim it w/out being dogpiled on(why I left my last internet home, sniff).

The other stuff, from Single Payer to protecting the Constitution is fascinating, and I can't wait to devote more of my time and consideration to it(after the pie fight).

Hopefully, my fiance will be back at work(his knee's much better, he'll still have to have surgery, but it's not crucial now) before my tax rebate gets here, and I'll have some money to throw at kibble. Too bad the hamsters won't eat crickets, I have plenty of those.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!

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Submitted by herb the verb on

Thank you thank you thank you Lambert, you are the working class Wolcott and this blog has rocked my universe.

When you have outrage, I trust it is real. When you pull out a fact or observation, I trust it has merit of discussion. When you slap me or someone else down I trust you have a pretty damn valid reason for doing so and I or that other person is almost certainly in the wrong. You don't engage lightly or arrogantly in your comebacks. You are agreeably disagreeable and open to differing opinion.

I'm sure you even smell nice!

I've got more daisies, but I'll stop now.


Good night and good riddance!

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Submitted by Linda on


Thank you for being here. I think I actually signed up for a subscription a little while ago to show appreciation and to keep the lights on.

You ain't "C-list" to the folks that visit here. You're honest. A trait that is very rare now in the blog world and oh so very precious.

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Submitted by orionATL on

that there are such things as unfairness and injustice and that they need to be challenged


that politics is much too important to be left to people without a sense of humor.

i like those qualities.

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Submitted by dr sardonicus on

This oldtimer still stops at the Mighty Corrente Building daily, even if I don't participate in the conversations much any more. Lambert, I continue to consider your take on important matters such as cucumbers and latex paint to be indispensable. And your political writing ain't bad, either...

...for the rest of us

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Submitted by Davidson on

I first looked at Corrente when a friend recommended a post of yours back in December, just weeks before the unfolding of the primary clusterfuck. Those who dared to speak against the mob's scorched earth campaign--including the misogyny--were the rarest breed: smart and principled.

Best of all, you skewer the media, including its newest blogger hacks, and the political establishment with the best sense of snarky humor. I still chuckle when you write "Haw."

Again, thank you.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

and now I read both of them regularly. Because they say what they think is true and they give a damn. You can't ask for more than that from anyone.

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Submitted by whaleshaman on

For years it seems, in the early early mornin' I'd stagger in here, head a throbbin' from the lies of the bush years.

And while I couldn't always follow along [I imagined you were all grad students together] -- I'd try, able to find a place that was real, an oasis.

So-o-o, many grateful oxoxoxox's.