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Lack of control and illusory pattern perception

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It’s an excellent read. Many worthwhile insights. In particular, the naming and dissection of “agency panic” is right on the mark. Though at points the text is a bit too relativist for my taste (the practical implications of that stance even appear to create a certain tension/conflict for Melley himself; but the analytical utility of such a perspective is clear as well). As an aside – regarding psychology, I abandoned the Laing (and Szasz) type position long ago (intellectualized notions that were fun to debate when I was an undergrad many years ago, but….).

Structure/forces might be difficult to recognize and name, especially when pervasive (e.g. IMO the implicit assumptions of neoliberalism have now saturated our thinking to a degree that renders many options invisible/unthinkable). But misidentifying the objects or forces requiring resistance – as is generally the case with CT – at best leads to useless flailing/loss of credibility, and at worst to destructive consequences.

On a tangentially related note, I see that Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was an Alex Jones Fan.

[As another aside – even though I don’t technically consider myself a Buddhist, my view of the “self” has been profoundly influenced by Buddhist philosophy (and to some extent Buddhist practice) since adolescence – I wonder if, for me, that has modified aspects of the “liberal individualism” worldview, which Melley argues is at the root of agency panic.]