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Labor's In The House, Yeah!

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This is big. The New York City Transit Workers Union just voted to support Occupy Wall Street. They will be joining the protesters at Zuccotti Park on Friday at 4pm.

I didn't get out to the protest yesterday--RL and all that. But I think I'm going to go down to the subway now and hug a conductor.

And off the subject, because I love maps, here's one of Occupied Zuccotti Park (click on the map for a larger view):

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MsExPat, I can't thank you enough for the on-site reporting. It's really been great and I hope you do lots more of it!

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Me too, but I remind myself that in effective politics, mixed feelings are inevitable. (Probably if I knew more about the transit union, I'd have mixed feelings about them too.)

Union support is huge. Union support is what my peers in the 60s were too pure for.