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Labor market still sucks: Film at 11

Via Bloomberg, "Yellen’s Labor Market Dashboard"

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has used what she called her “dashboard” of jobs data to justify the Fed’s easy money policies and to argue that there’s still considerable slack in the labor market almost five years after the recession’s end. Only two of the monthly indicators that she flagged are back to where they were in the four years leading up to the last economic downturn, according to calculations by Bloomberg.

Six years into a depression and only now does the political class notice unemployment could be a problem. Notice the labor force participation rate that Hugh keeps hammering on: It's flatlined. If these people were worthy of my hatred, I'd hate them.

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Do you notice that none of these measures addresses wages or job quality, except the U-6 in a tangential way? To aid the rich and banksters, the Fed continues its QE program to the tune of tens of billions each month, but for the rest of us nothing, nothing, and more nothing.