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Kucinich's thought process

A pol does what pols do.

Obama's not "my" president, and he's not of "my" party. The people, including the career "progressives," who control the FKDP have made that abundantly clear. (I'm not bitter about it; I find the clarity refreshing!)

The real question is why Kucinich feels Obama is "my President." What on earth would lead him to that conclusion?

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Submitted by MoveThatBus on

changing their booth behavior. No more holding our noses and voting for the lesser of two evils...we'll just be skimming on by the Rs and the Ds and voting for the I.

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The real question is why Kucinich feels Obama is "my President." What on earth would lead him to that conclusion?

Campaign coffers.

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Submitted by madamab on

Is he fucking kidding me?

Too bad he didn't extend that compassion to the millions of Americans who will suffer and DIE because of this horrible legislation.

I'm done with him. The myth of the "good Democrat" must end!

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I wish I could remember what I was reading the other day about spirituality and compassion. But at the end they warned against IDIOT COMPASSION!

The mystique of power, or mano mano empathy, overtook Kucinich who suddenly lost touch with the millions he was standing up for... and he caved.

With Obama, who gave HIM nothing to come out of that meeting with to salvage some of his dignity and credibility, Dennis gave away an opportunity to be a great American hero. Much worse, he ENABLED a wrong-headed administrative regime to keep on keeping on. Whew... the adrenalized power addicts can keep things limping along their way in defiance of morality and sanity and true oath-taking responsibility.

Yes, it is a crippled Presidency. Why, Dennis? Amorality of the Dem leadership. Geeeezzzzzz. Incompetence of Obama who wants pretty please just enable me here.. just throw away your leadership of the people, your own stand against oppression.. cuz I am such an amiable guy who will say anything to get what I want.

I wish you had the spine of Nader. But you don't. Okay.

But empathizing so much with Barack. To me it is like empathizing with someone who murdered his wife and is appealing for sympathy cuz he is now a widower.

Why do we have to have presidents who act out their ego needs at the expense of millions and millions?

Truth to power. Well, you get points for saying as much as you did, Dennis. But you caved, man. We needed you and you caved. And power addicts don't reward enablers. Look at Obama and the 80 million now not all that relevant to him, whom he thinks he can simply con into believing he still cares. He is a great actor... but not that great.. not for that long.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I think the "idiot compassion" expression came from a book I am reading on ADD by Thom Hartmann. Will go back and see if anything more quotable there in terms fo our DK.

When the capacity for empathy is used against the empathizer, that is low.

Obama, in over his head as was Bush, which means he is a puppet desperate to honor the will of his puppeteers, as was Bush.

I am glad DK has a big heart. It is part of who he is. And his wife will love him unconditionally in spite of his choice. And we will all move on.

This Martha Livingston, lambert, she's strong. Was very cool at that forum.