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Krugman endorses "strange bedfellows" strategy of TPP opponents

(We are indeed approaching the End Times.) Krugman:

I think it’s fair to say that the liberal intelligentsia has been somewhat radicalized by Republican extremism; making common cause with those who share your basic values matters more than it seemed to a couple of decades ago.

At least, that's how I interpret, in the headline, that slightly Delphic utterance.

I'm not sure I accept the "basic values" argument, however, at least not as Krugman puts it. I make common cause with Conservatives on the sovereignty issue, which I view as dispositive. But I think people could have very different reasons for thinking that sovereignty is a good thing; that's exactly why the Peace of Westphalia put an end to the wars of religion.

So this post is uncharacteristically sloppy for Krugman. Of course, the spectacle of Drudge praising Pelosi -- or, on a much smaller scale, Lambert pressing Jeff Sessions -- is mind-boggling enough to make anybody sloppy. So.

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