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Krugman: 1 day(s) without a category error

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Krugman attributes Obama's conservatism to Obama's conservatism.

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Submitted by MontanaMaven on

Here's a clue of Obama's deeply conservative nature from his book. Talking about Reagan's election In "Audacity of Hope" ..."I understood his appeal."
It was the same appeal that the military bases back in Hawaii had always held for me as a young boy, with their tidy streets and well-oiled machinery, the crisp uniforms and crisper salutes.

Is that what you think of when you think of Hawaii?

Submitted by lambert on

What a great catch. And by "great," I mean, of course, "horrible."

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Submitted by carissa on

How often was he actually on a military base?

I actually lived on one in the early 80's in Hawaii. It wasn't any tidier than the rest of the island. Crisp salutes? Not really... quickies coming in and out of the commissary, maybe.

What the hell is he talking about? Methinks another one of his made-up memories.

On edit - is this Obama talking in Audacity of Hope?

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Probably crisp salutes all over the place at the Hospitals and Admin offices.

Prolly not so much at the Air fields and shipyards. They are too busy. Working.

But hey, a fetishization of the military, another hallmark of a Conservative.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

In order to make his point about the "appeal" of Reagan. Obama was constantly bashing the Sixties and the messiness of hippies, protests... You know, that democracy thing. He likes order and neatness. The well-oiled machinery line has always weirded me out.

Remember when the White House put out the film of him with his crispy salute at Dover? He's been practicing for years. Or... Nixon's biographer, Richard Reeves, said that Nixon studied and imitated De Gaulle. Wonder if Nixon left the films behind at the White House?