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Krugman: 0 day(s) without a category error

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Krugman describes yet another shocking, shocking conservative move by conservative president Barack Obama as "in effect conceding that your bitter political opponents have the right idea."

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is far simpler.

Probably a Reagan conservative, with strong Cheap Labor tendencies, executive power overreach, intolerance of actual dissent. Yada, yada, yada.

Why? Doesn't really matter, as it's his actions which affect us all.

But Commenter FMike thinks he sees the influence of Valeras Jarrett on, at least, Obama's economic thinking (and possibly his corporatist bent?).

119. FMikeLos Angeles November 30th, 2010, 9:21 am

The only explanation I can come up with is that Valerie Jarrett is (seriously) playing the role of the mad Rasputin to the First Family. See, “The Ultimate Obama Insider,” Robert Draper, New York Times Magazine, July 21, 2009:

“When I asked Obama if he runs every decision past her, he answered without hesitation: ‘Yep. Absolutely.’ Some of their Oval Office one-on-ones find Jarrett — whose acute familiarity with the business community is unique in the West Wing — playing the impersonal role of trusted financial counselor, the president told me. ‘Throughout, for example, the debates taking place on how to deal with the financial crisis, I would sit down and get her read in terms of how we strike the appropriate balance between intervention to stem panic and not being so heavy-handed that we were changing in fundamental ways the nature of our free-market economy,’ he said. ‘And her experience as a businesswoman and contacts with C.E.O.’s around the country was very helpful.’”

120 .FMikeLos Angeles November 30th, 2010, 9:21 am

Here's the link the to New York Times Magazine article, to which I just referred: Jarrett&st=cse&adxnnl=1&scp=3&adxnnlx=1291098250-yqH ar62HNadlZdZYDBKAg

Lots and lots of commentersthere are either confirmed in thinking he's a conservative and others are finally getting it. Some still have hope, as in "just give him a little more time."

To do what? Sign off on the Cat Food Commission recommendations, if they're bad enough? Feh.