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Kristof: late to the party (and one foot out the door)


Kristof takes note of the need for jobs and even - in his usual nice-guy way - takes some responsibility for the media silence on the issue:

(I’m an offender, too: I asked President Obama a question at the Twitter town hall, and it was a gotcha query about his negotiations with Republicans. I’m sorry that I missed the chance to push him on the issue that Americans care most about.)

Apology noted. Another thing noted: the relentless nice-guy-ness culminating in this less-than-clarion call for action on jobs:

There are no quick fixes to joblessness, but Washington could temporarily make federal money available to pay for teachers who are otherwise being laid off. We could increase spending on service programs like AmeriCorps that have far more applicants than spots.

We could extend the payroll tax cut, which expires at the end of December. Astonishingly, Republicans in Congress seem to be lined up instinctively against this basic economic stimulus. Could the Tea Party actually favor tax reductions for billionaires but not for working Americans? Could we have found a tax increase the Republican Party favors?

Gah, the guy can't keep his focus off of shirts-and-skins for more than a couple of sentences at a time.

And finally, the perfect set-up:

Mr. Obama, with 25 million Americans hurting, will you fight — really fight! — to put jobs at the top of the national agenda?

All together, now:

Oh phooey, never mind.