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Kossack shows class

AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! My eyes.......

(Note: Post formerly was titled "Kossack shows ass". My dumb.)

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Submitted by Randall Kohn on

But I could be wrong. I was evidently wrong on the meaning of "show ass" which I had taken to mean "being a jerk." Did not find evidence of that meaning in Google. It can be meant literally, or it can mean showing off talent or wealth (according to Urban Dictionary).

So what's the great lesson here? When you hit 65, it doesn't pay to attempt coolth.

Not even on the Web.

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Submitted by basement angel on

to show your ass means to reveal your less attractive side. You used the phrase correctly for that vernacular. I don''t know how cool Belleville, Illinois is, but that is how they use it.

Submitted by lambert on

The guy's wearing a crewneck sweater, right?

Double shot? Cinnamon?

* * *

And like VL, I'm at sea with the cultural reference.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Being the same jock sports fan assholes, who find fullfillment in their life, through their sport's teams accomplishments, and find personal satisfaction in them, even though they themselves had nothing to do with victory.*

And, yeah, considering the only person who won, was Obama(certainly not the American people), it is pretty much the behavior of being an ass**. Now, showing your ass, as it relates to my daughter, age 7, is purposefully misbehaving, under the [mistaken] assumption you won't get punished for it, i.e. "Don't show your ass, just because company is here."

*Knowing several "football widows", I could attempt to correlate their behavior in reference to sports, and their behavior towards the women in their lives, and the rampant misogyny of this past election season, but I won't. Yeah, right ;D

**Kinda OT, but oh well. The past holiday season I was subjected to countless repetitions of the Spongebob Squarepants Christmas episode(SS is actually a show I love, but 30 repeats of the same episode is enough to drive anyone buggy), and on it, after SB gets the whole town excited about Santa's arrival, he fails to show. His neighbor, Squidward, decides to be a total ass about it, and dances with joy over SB's pain. To specifeically illustrate this, they superimposed the image of a donkey, AKA an ass, over his face. I thought it quite forward and hilarious for a kid's show, and took a lot of pleasure in explaining that to my daughter, who also found it hilarious, since she had just declared Squidward, "a jerk"

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

People can't have affinity to their sports team? If fans are so inconsequential why are they always referenced by the athletes? Why are there Lambeau leaps? Why do the Seahawks have a ceremony dedicated to the fans before every home game?

And sorry if I'm not moved by implications that athletes and football fans hate women and like to kill them.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Between being a fan, and being a psycho obssesive fan.

I am a fan. My 30 year old stepbrother, is a borderline psycho obssesive. His moods depend on whether his team wins or loses. His treatment of his wife and kids, varies with the ups and downs of the seasons. He takes credit for their hard work.

Now, he isn't as bad as some I've seen, but I've seen enough from him, to be thankful that my partner doesn't watch sports, so that is one less conflict, not that sports bother me.

My stepbrother, also has a tendecy to leave his wife a gamer widow too.

I just find that the traits, that lend themselves to men who neglect their wives b/c of sports or games, tend to have a lot in common with men who expect certain "sacrifices" from women, just because they are women.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

It was time for them to catch a break.


I mean, if the cartoon had been of a black guy, I would have understood it. I can understand how the AA community could feel as if they won something, but for a white guy, please, get over yourself.

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Submitted by pie on

but I'd love to discuss the Blago senate-appointment SNAFU.

It's popcorn-loving humor in all its glory.

The dems sure aren't boring. :)