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Kos on Obama on Fox News Sunday

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Kos put up a diary today,, where he laments about his candidate's performance on Fox News Sunday.

Sorry Kos, you can only go to the primaries with the Obama you have, rather than the one you wished you had.

"So Obama showed weakness by caving to right-wing bullying taunts (thrilling our political foes), disrespected his base, gave Fox a propaganda victory, exposed his campaign as a bunch of liars who promised something their candidate was clearly incapable of delivering, and defended the Democratic spinelessness that gave us the most ridiculous Supreme Court in generations.

I won't pretend to guess whether this helps him in Indiana or not. It may or it may not. And since I've never put Obama on a pedestal, this doesn't knock him down. What this does demonstrate, and quite clearly so, is that Obama is quite willing to score cheap political points at the expense of his base, regardless how much it might embolden the very same people that are working to demonize him to the American people."

I think Kos got hit upside the head with my cluestick, and that's a good thing.

** His reader's are calling him a punk-ass chump now.

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Submitted by isaac on

has definitely turned

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Submitted by koshembos on

If Kos believes that he didn't put Obama on a pedestal, he need a lot therapy; Prozac is just a start. We shouldn't attack him anymore; he is ill.

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He never put him on a pedestal? We must define things differently here.