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Kos fires back on Obama's Reaganism

And scores a direct hit on Hillary!

So, Hillary's a casualty, Obama's already a casualty....

Readers, I think there's only one option left:

Vote for Edwards!

UPDATE Peter Daou, who's a good guy because he gave us DFH types links when he was doing Blog Report for Salon, says Kos got taken in by bad Obama oppo. Looks like Kos got splattered by the atomic Obama manure spreader...

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God, I don't understand why he went after Clinton, since she didn't slam Obama for the Reagan myth love (I believe). And, of course, the facts just don't hold up (Not that it matters to Obama Nation).

I believe the fans are now going to use the Clintons' remarks at Reagan's funeral. Nice. Even better: the Obama fans blasting LBJ--OMG! A white man!--last week and praising Reagan now. Reagan. If nothing else proves that his rabid supporters confuse progressivism with whatever Obama believes in, this does.

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Apparently, Clinton has blasted Obama's Reagan remarks. But get this, now people are saying that Clinton is "lying" about Obama's remarks because she said that Obama said Reagan's ideas were "better" rather than the GOP was the "party of ideas." Ooh! Scandal! Let's see if they had the ideas and, thus, we didn't, I wonder who's ideas were considered better? Huh.

Submitted by lambert on

For people who want Unity, the OFB throw the word "lie" around a little too freely for my test.

I mean, it's certainly a tenable interpretation that Obama didn't "really mean" to say the Party of Bad Ideas, eh?

Last I checked, politics wasn't beanbag. I was over in World 'o' Meth last night, and people were calling Hillary Nixon, and yelling about Lee Atwater... Jesus. No sense of proportion at all.

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