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Koch brothers get the boot

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70,000 signatures on a petition asking Boston pubcaster WGBH to kick billionaire David Koch off the board.

There’s a trustees meeting tomorrow at the owner of the influential public radio and TV stations, and outside there will be a demonstration asking it to drop Koch – whom they call a climate change-denier - from the board. The Boston Herald says Koch has donated $18.6 million to WGBH over the last three decades, including $10 million to the TV science program named Nova. Emily Southard of the environmental activist group Forecast The Facts says “David Koch has essentially dedicated himself, and tens of millions of dollars to deliberately mislead the public about climate change. That’s completely incompatible with an organization like WGBH, which is dedicated to public education.” Koch Companies rep Melissa Cohlmia says “we can unequivocally state that David Koch has never interfered with or tried to influence WGBH’s programming decisions” – and she says he has “no intention to resign from the board.” As the Herald notes, Koch did recently leave the board of New York City public TV operator WNET, over a third-party-produced documentary about him named “Citizen Koch.”

Well done.

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It would be a good thing if he is kicked off the board. It always made me a bit nervous that Nova was so prominently financed by Koch. People who deny science when it suits them aren't really supporters of science, IMHO.