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Down With Tryanny has a post about how Steve Israel is turning the Democratic Caucus into a cesspool of anti-abortion women haters.

Let take a look at another example-- one down in western North Carolina, NC-10. No one would argue that nasty, extremist, mean-spirited little closet case Patrick McHenry has earned a tough reelection battle but this is another one Israel is ignoring. "Oh," you might say, "he has to pick and chose carefully and decide where to spend DCCC resources where it will do the most good." And that is absolutely true-- and he point of this whole post-- and we'll get to how Steve Israel picks and choses in un momento. Meanwhile, though, let me remind everyone that before the May primary in North Carolina Steve Israel thought enough about the race against McHenry to recruit a candidate to run for the nomination. But instead of picking progressive champion, state Rep. Patsy Keever, he recruited Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy. Problem is that, despite Israel's fantasies about western North Carolina, only Republican voters like candidates like Bellamy, who is anti-Choice, anti-gay, pro-developer and completely unsuitable to go up against McHenry, a corporate shill just like her. But not only did she lose in Asheville, she lost every single one of the seven counties that make up NC-10. That's how inept and clueless Steve Israel is... but inept, clueless and vindictive.

The day after his pathetic candidate lost the primary, he walked away from NC-10. The far more Republican district next door, where anti-Choice, anti-gay, corporate whore Hayden Rogers, a fellow Blue Dog, won the primary, Israel is excited about. Rogers was immediately put on the DCCC's "Emerging Races" list. That's how he rolls-- and that's what he's turned the DCCC into.

It is not just Steve Israel, Obama, Reid, Schumer, they are all against ordinary people, especially women. They don't want us in the party. It is time we got the message and left.

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Submitted by ubetchaiam on

With a last name of Israel, that the DCCC is more interested in 'blue dogs' or 'new dems' who will not question in any manner our support of the Israeli state/nation isn't a surprise.

Submitted by lambert on

... since I can't imagine that "Steve Israel" is an adopted name along the lines of "Jello Biafra." That really does need a retraction.

However, the right perception as to policy, I am afraid. Assuming for the sake of the argument that I accept the frame of an international order of nation states (and I am not sure I do, see the mysterious Quick Hit on The Shield of Achilles), I'm with Lord Palmerston: "Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests."

It's really high time that we thought of Israel is just another nation, and AIPAC as just another lobby, along the lines of the NRA or the National Tobacco Institute (examples definitely not chosen at random).

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Submitted by mtngun on

And Pelosi knew exactly what Steve Israel stood for.

One imagines that Pelosi's choice of Israel was, at a minimum, approved by Obama, if not in fact suggested by Obama.

The New Deal Democratic party is dead. Israel is not just some loose cannon, he is the embodiment of the current Democractic party.

The New Deal coalition of small farmers and unions and Dixiecrats -- fragile even in FDR's time -- is broken and will not be put back together.

Howie is a good guy with the best of intentions, but his hope of reforming the Democratic party from within by electing a few so-called progressives -- most of whom are to the right of Nixon -- seems futile. As Lambert likes to point out, the Iron Law of Institutions prevails, especially when the people in charge are backed by lots of corporate money.

I personally have given up on party politics and instead see direct democracy as the key to getting out of this mess, though I have no idea how to make that happen at this time.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

life. I used to be angry with people like Howie for failing to see the irredeemable corruption of the Democrats. But I have come to understand that everyone will have to see it for themselves. That is why I hope Obama will be reelected, so that it will be clear that neither he, nor any other Democrat has any intention of doing anything for the 99%.

Not that I would vote for Obama, not advise anyone else to do so.

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Submitted by par4 on

Who cares? What did you expect? Don't vote for them because they will turn on you every time.