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Know Thy Bedfellows

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I don't come here very often since I have to, ya know, work. Last time I checked in there was a post where people waxed poetically about being bedfellows with Ron Paul. Never mind he named his child after Ayn Rand. I don't know what the resolution of that initial post was, but its a refrain that is here at Corrente often.

I mentioned in a comment that I've known more than one libertarian who equated taxation to the holocaust. I shit you not, the fucking holocaust. My jaw dropped the first time I heard that. Still, the outrageousness of that statement is rarely believed. I came across a comment today that doesn't go that far, but gives you flavor for what we would be getting into if we became bedfellows with a libertarian:

What are you going to do, start every blog post in 2013 by saying, “these GOP bastards shouldn’t have waited, they should have rolled dice on another 4 years of a Marxist in office – to be politically fair.”
None of this is about fair. It is about right.
Once we agree taxation is theft, Obamacare is immoral, and the Federal government violates the rights of states and individuals, anything that hacks Democrats goals is valid game play.
If they want fairer fight, then they need to stop playing for the big money.
Look, in 2004 I HATED that gay marriage was used to nuke John Kerry… but the moral alternative was John Kerry.

Ignoring the fact that the guy doesn't understand that Clinton was more liberal than Obama. Notice, instead, the moral crusadership he invokes repeatedly. This is what you get with a libertarian bedfellow.

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I hope you are enjoying work.

I can't say too much about libertarians, I initially thought they were about civil liberties - like defenders of the constitution.

Sadly, it seems they just want to use up resources (of any type) with impunity and let the future generations worry about pulling their ownselves up by thier bootstraps. They don't seem to care what they leave for others.