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Knock, Knock. Who's There? The IDF; Open Up.

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Now, I knew the Israeli government had a plethora of tools and policies at their disposal that they use to humiliate and dehumanize those people in its occupied territories, but forcibly quartering your nation's soldiers in occupied housing was a new one, to me, and kind of goes against the "we're not occupiers" plea that the Israeli government holds to day in and day out:

What he's up against are scores of Israeli settlements dominating the lowlands like crusader fortresses. Many are little cities, and none of them existed 40 years ago. The Israelis always take the high ground, sometimes the hills, and sometimes the homes. And sometimes Arabs are occupied inside their own homes.

One house for example is the highest house on the highest hill overlooking the town of Nablus. 60 Minutes learned that Israeli soldiers often corral the four families who live there and take over the house to monitor movement down below.

Simon and the 60 Minutes team went to an apartment owned by a Mr. Nassif. That morning, Israeli soldiers had apparently entered the apartment, without notice, and remained there when Simon knocked on the door.

"We cannot speak with you, there are soldiers," Nassif told Simon. "We are in prison here."

Asked what was happening, Nassif says, "They are keeping us here and the soldiers are upstairs, we cannot move. We cannot speak with you."

Nassif said he couldn't leave the house and didn't know how long he'd have to stay in place. Asked if they were paying him any money, he told Simon, "You are kidding?"

Abdul Nassif, a bank manager said he had to get to his bank to open the safe, but one of the soldiers wouldn't let him go. He told 60 Minutes whenever the soldiers come they wake everybody up, and herd them into a kitchen for hours while soldiers sleep in their beds. They can't leave or use the phone, or let 60 Minutes in.

I happened to be flipping through the channels and came across 60 Minutes on CBS and was more than surprised to see the other side actually being reported so candidly on network television, no less. Please take the time to view the video in its entirety. It include two or three other very interesting segments about settlements, has a short interview with Tzipi Livni, among other clips. For different reasons than my own, it takes a very grim view of the prospects of a two-state solution.

If all are to agree indiscriminately firing rockets into Israeli lands it terrorism, I'd hope all are to agree that this is an occupation. I mean, if quartering your soldiers in your subject's homes isn't occupation, I don't know what is.

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Submitted by Mandos on merely an extension of the hubris that traces itself back to 1967 if not 48. Israeli policy-makers expected the colonialism to have been "laundered" by now, but they don't realize that they're caught up in forces that have little to do with them.

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We must honor Bob Simon/CBS for a heroic piece of journalism. Myself I loved seeing his Jewish face trembling with outrage outside the house the Israeli soldiers had occupied. At last here was the outraged moral Jewish face I grew up with and that went away for 20 years. A privileged Jew who has done his part to advance Israel's image in the United States is regarding the horror of Zionism, and not holding back but sharing it with his American audience. Again, too late for the two-state solution, but not too late for the interaction of sober Jews and Arabs in the holy land.

And the thing that I have repeatedly pushed for--treat these religious crazies the way you treat the religious right in the U.S.--it happened!!

This really is something different on the MCM>

Ethan Brown, new writer at TalkLeft, priases Simons' "heroic act of journalism."

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I had no idea I was witnessing something so rare. I knew that the other side rarely gets told, but didn't realize this was a big deal. And, having only seen 60 Minutes less than a handful of times since I was old enough to remember it, I didn't connect that Bob Simon was a Jew. lol