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Kleptocracy watch, Philip Howard edition

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I picked up a copy of Politico at the local Starbucks, and out fell and slick 9 color insert, touting It seems CommonGood was founded by Philip Howard an anti-regulation freak.

Common Good is a collection of the usual kleptocrats, including Pete "Catfood" Peterson.

Our representatives are constantly bombarded with this stuff, and really they should know better, they should know that this is astroturf that represents the views of a small collection of billionaire bullies and their hired hands. But flunkies like Dick Durbin fall for it.

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... has not just one, but two, Covington and Burling lawyers!

What an outfit.

They've gotten really slick with the infiltrationist branding -- "Common Good." Meanwhile the real logo is Pete Catfood Peterson with a submachine gun shooting a bullseye target labeled "Common Good."

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"The Common Good -- We Will Grab Every Last Crumb and Gun Down Every Last Commoner."