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Kleig lights are the best disinfectant


And here's a priceless soundbite from press secretary Tony Snow's interview on ABC News yesterday morning:

Diane Sawyer: "Why not let Karl Rove go up there and show he has nothing to hide? Testify, under oath, and with a transcript? Let everyone see it?"

Tony Snow: "This is what I love, this Karl Rove obsession. Let's back off. First, the question is: Do you want Karl Rove on TV, or do you want the truth?"

Diane Sawyer: "Why can't you have both?"

What we need:

The equivalent of the Army-McCarthy hearings, which were televised (a very big deal back in the 1950s). But who will be our Joseph Welch?

[WELCH]Senator, you have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Except, of course, that Rove, Bush, and the VRWC behind them are far more ruthless, cunning, and dangerous adversaries than that demagogic, sad drunk, Tailgunner Joe. These guys were just getting their start, back then.

NOTE This is another way of saying that ovesight, in the curent context, is far more important than legislation.

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"Why can't a beltway journalist be more like that mensch Froomkin" Well, may not...exactly those words...but yunno what I mean

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Is this better with or without Diane Sawyer's comeback?

Tony Snow: “Do you want Karl Rove on TV, or do you want the truth?”

Diane Sawyer: “Why can’t you have both?”