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Kitty cams reveal "the secret lives of cats"


Researchers put kitty cams on 55 pet cats [and] collected more than 2,000 hours of cat reality TV - a first according to researchers.

So what did the researchers find? "They spent a lot of time under cars, inside of cars, inside of sewers, climbing roofs, climbing fences," [researcher] Hernandez said. "I think they have intriguing lives because they do things we'd never expected them to do."

"A lot of cats were found cheating on their owners," Hernandez said. "In that they were spending a lot of time with other families, and were fed by other families and slept on the beds of other families."

But cats are also hunters. They kill squirrels, lizards, and birds. Among the cats in the study, 44 percent of them actively stalked wildlife - fewer than expected. They brought back only one-fourth of what they killed. "That means your average cat owner doesn't understand that their cat is killing way more - 75 percent more than what they say," Hernandez said.

So cats do more than eat and sleep and think about eating and sleeping. Who knew?

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