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Kit Seelye is a tree, First Health Group and Eli Lilly are the forest

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UPDATE ii: Action Alert for FAIR

UPDATE: Commentary from Healthcare-NOW!

Dave Lindorff: The New York Times Trashes Single-Payer

In an article in Sunday's The New York Times, headlined "Medicare for All? 'Crazy,' 'Socialized' and Unlikely," reporter Katherine Q. Seelye did her best to damn the idea of government insurance for all with faint praise.

According to FAIR, the New York Times has corporate relationships with First Health Group and Eli Lilly, both of whom have a vested interest in killing single payer. So we need to take this up with the New York Times management, that it is most improper of the to pervert their newspaper into a propaganda organ for their corporate cronies.

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Kip Sullivan and I are both Pomona class of '69. Bill Keller (NYT editor) is Pomona class of '70. But neither of us knew him. In the past I've looked for his email addy but w/o success, but maybe there is someone out there who is more savvy than I am.

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That is certainly something to look at. I didn't know he was on facebook. I have to admit that I've shied away from facebook, but maybe I need to "get a grip" for the better good. ;)