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King of the Hill

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A potentially useful antidote to O's crap tonight is Stephen Sonderberg's underrated portrait of a young man surviving the Great Depression (wittout knowing that was what it was)- too many wonderful performances by people who are now famous, even if they weren't at the time.

Available on Netfilx streaming for now, anyway.

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Submitted by twig on

The only King of the Hill I'm seeing at Netflix is the animated series.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

King of thr Hill is the title, directed by Soderbergh released 1993. Funny you can't find it as I was watching it all last night.

(Sorry for previous comment: I hit "save " when I did not mean to. Can't see the keys on this thing!)

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You're right, it does not show up in the search for "King of the Hill". Weird!

But if you search for Steven Soderbergh, it does show up among his films. I actually watched it because it showed up in my recommendations, so it's not like Netflix is censoring it. Like I said, weird.

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it seems to come and go on Netflix.

Also Amber Benson shows up in it for a little bit. I went all Buffy fangirl squee when I rewatched it and saw her.