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King of the Hill

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Representative Barney Frank (4th District, Massachusetts) had the following to say about BUSH'S PLEBISCITARY PRESIDENCY:

Mr. Speaker, the democracy we have had, the checks and balances, the back and forth, Congress being an interference from the standpoint of the executive, in some cases, strong-minded executives, clashing with the President, maybe being fired trying to get support in Congress, a very assertive media, we have had those for a long time, and we are the strongest country in the world. It is very hard to argue from history that these factors weaken us.

Mr. Frank also said:

Plebiscitary democracy, political scientists use to describe those systems wherein a leader is elected, but once elected has almost all of the power. Indeed, I believe, it certainly would seem to me the aspirations of the Vice President, that in some ways the approach of this administration to governance interestingly has more in common with that of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela than almost anybody else.

Now, being an emotional, reason-constrained blogger-type, one notoriously given to ad homiminem outbursts and the such-like, I would simplisticly characterize our current President as the self-proclaimed winner of a hard-scrapping game of King of the Hill. He won so it's his hill for as long as he can hold it...the one deviation from the International/Pan Galactic Rules of King of the Hill contests is that no one else may climb up and fight him. Firstly, you would have to get past Dick Cheney and his scowling Mask of Malevolence, a daunting task. After that you'd have to leapfrog over a collection of billionaires, millionaires, End-Timers and Republikahns who would fight the good fight by turning our system of government into a fixed schoolyard rumble, and like the World Cup can only be waged every four years.

But like I wrote, I'm a reason-constrained blogger type. What could I possibly know?


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