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King James I: Waterboarding considered worst of all tortures. Bush: Yeah, and?

Sorry for quick hit, but go read Scott Horton immediately:

This resurrects the process of official cruelty under the Stuart monarchs in seventeenth century England. Persons accused of state crimes very frequently were interrogated with the use of specific techniques, including the rack, the thumbscrew, and waterboarding. King James I personally described the process in The Kings Booke (1606). He would, on the advice of his officers, “approve no new torture,” but he would certainly avail himself of the existing practices. In ascending order of severity they were: thumbscrews, the rack and waterboarding. That’s right. Waterboarding was considered the most severe of the official forms of torture. Worse than the rack and thumbscrews.

Torturing scum.

Republicans torture because they enjoy it. Just like they enjoy the abuse of power in all forms.

NOTE Can the "bad apples" that got prosecuted get their pardons now?

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If that wuss King James had known that one day a few thousand people would be killed when buildings were knocked down with flying machines, he obviously would have re-launched the Crusades and made waterboarding of *everyone* mandatory.