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Kill the bill, possible plan of action

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I have hit upon a possible plan of action for killing this bill. The bill passed narrowly in the house, and we may be able to convince members that the bill does more harm than good. Furthermore, it will be wildly unpopular, voting against this monstrosity is smart politics and good policy.

Let's look at the Conyers and the co-sponsors of HR 676. Do we have any of their constituents in the Mighty Corrente Building?

Use letsgetitdone's list or Marcy's MyBarackObama tax as talking points. They need to know that we will have their back if they vote to kill this thing.

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Submitted by madamab on

Carolyn Maloney is my Congresswoman. She voted against Stupak but voted for the bill. She is very liberal and must be horrified about the way the Senate destroyed an already flawed bill.

I will certainly contact her if/when the bill goes to reconciliation.

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letters to the editor might be a better approach, especially using Marcy's material, MyBarackObama tax is a great line. Most people have no notion of just how bad this bill is or how much worse it will make our system.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

First, I've got Jim Moran. He used to be a co-sponsor of earlier version of HR 676, but dropped out this year.

Second, my list now has nine reasons.

Third, why not use both Marcy's stuff and my list. It's all good.

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I don't think members have any idea as to how unpopular this will be.