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Kill the bill, Pennsylvania edition

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If, and only if, you live in Pennsylvania, please contact Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak (who appears to be as thick as thieves with HCAN't) and ask them to be sure there is no language in the federal bill that would prohibit state based single payer systems such as the one being considered in Pennsylvania.

Tell Specter that insuring there was no barrier anywhere in the federal legislation, or removing it if there is any such language, would go a long way to make up for his role in the US Attorneys scandal. Tell Sestak that if he permits legislation to pass that rips the rug out from under the single payer movement in Pennsylvania, it would raise very serious questions about his ability to represent the people of Pennsylvania effectively.

PS - someone contact Krugman and suggest that he give Jim Ferlo a call before he writes off single payer as not politically feasible.

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