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Kill the Bill!

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I got an email from the Obama administration reminding me to contact my representative regarding the health care reform bill. So, I wrote a letter:

I had attempted to call your office, however your phone line is busy. I have recently moved to the 14th District, thus inheriting you as a representative.

My reason for contacting you is simple: I want you to take a principled stand and do the right thing - VOTE NO ON THE HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL currently in reconciliation. Health care should be considered a civil right, however the current bill that the Obama administration is attempting to pass is nothing more than a handout to the for-profit insurance industry; this same for-profit insurance industry which is the cause of our health care woes in the first place. Mandating people to buy insurance simply for being alive in this country is, quite bluntly, vulgar. Furthermore, the anti-choice language which Congressmen such as Bart Stupek continue to push in this bill is not only vulgar but deeply offensive. I urge you to do the right thing and VOTE NO ON THE HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL!

I believe that our nation's health care system desperately needs an overhaul. As I stated before, health care should be considered a civil right. A single-payer system of health care is the way towards this goal of insuring that no American ever avoids the hospital for fear of going into debt or actually ends up in debt due to a medical emergency. The current bill the Obama administration is pressing you and other Democrats to vote in favour of is not the type of reform needed. In fact, this bill does not even represent a good start nor do I have any faith that it can be "fixed later" as so many naïve individuals have told me. Quite frankly, I have been frustrated with the Democratic Party and their collective waffling over simple moral principles for quite a while now and I am in no mood to settle. VOTE NO ON THE HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL - and while you are at it, take a stand and push for single-payer. HR 676 still exists and is what we should be trying to pass now.

Rest assured, a vote of NO from you on this bill will go a long way towards insuring that I don't vote no on keeping you in office this November.

Thanks for the reminder, Mr. President.

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(with my husband's and my signature) to our Rep in Arizona - she wont' do anything 'cause she's in Obama's back pocket (took funds from him and then endorsed him), but we feel better for having sent it.

Thank you.

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I'm having a great time tonight, circulating among a few group blogs where some semblance of sanity remains. It's nice to know one isn't alone. Thank you for this finely expressed example of how these people should be treated.

And then we tar and feather them. Such nostalgia I'm experiencing for a procedure I've never witnessed.

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I continue writing my Electeds in DC, with the same concerns you voice. But since everyone is a Republican (Texas delegation) who consistently talks about "government take-over," my points have to include the fact they've done absolutely nothing but make the entire process worse. And that they had a number of years to do the vague things they say should be done toward improving health care, but didn't. Between the "no" from the right and the "whatever it takes for something better than nothing" from the sort of left, I find writing the Electeds a minor relief of frustration.