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Khalid Sheik Mohammed: p, and not-p

Eye of the Storm:

now first of all the legal approach to these cases has been an insane tissue of contradictions. so: the opponents of a civilian trial say: 9.11 was an act of war, not a crime. well then, he is a prisoner of war or an alleged war criminal and must under treaty be treated as a prisoner of war or an alleged war criminal: treated according to the geneva conventions and tried in the hague, for example. but no: he's not a soldier, not a general: terror is not war (these same people say during a different three-minute slice): he's not in uniform; does not represent a state. now this combination of assertions (for short, p and not-p) is why we can do exactly anything we feel like to him at any time, for example, waterboard him hundreds of times over a period of months, or torture him continuously for years. that is, as any logician will tell you, anything follows from a contradiction.

And, of course, the "state secrets" the administration is so anxious to conceal is the fact of torture, which the tortured could testify to. It's meta!

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Submitted by Sarah on

isn't a crime, David Brooks is ...

criminally stupid.

Look, this guy's not the devil incarnate, no matter what the GOP fearmongers want you to believe. The mistake was not bringing him to trial at e.g. The Hague right after the original capture.

If he succeeds with a guilty plea, even if he gets capital punishment, the appeals process is apt to last so long he dies of old age.

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Obviously torture is a major problem with the prosecution, but this occurred early enough that the FBI secured admissible evidence sufficient for a case to go to trial.

The second problem may be the worse: this guy isn't stable enough to "mastermind" a shopping list. If they start reading his diary to the jury, this guy is going to be put in a secure mental facility.

If I was on KSM's defense team, I would put him on the stand and ask how he managed to avoid security at the Ford Theater to shoot Lincoln.

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The mistake was not bringing him to trial at e.g. The Hague right after the original capture.

We should send all the pending Guantanamo cases to the International Criminal Court. And yes, deal with the consequences if the evidence during these trials reveals that US officials instigated torture, illegal kidnappings, etc.

It's the only way that the United States can ever recover its reputation from the damage done by the Bush cabal. We are years past the point where bringing these prisoners into the U.S. civilian court system will be read by the Muslim world--or by anyone in the international community--as real justice.

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KSM masterminded 9/11, but you need to keep fighting in "Af-Pak" since "the people who attacked us on 9/11" are there