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Kevin has a good thought on confirming Mukasey


After all, Mukasey's job at Justice will be to consolidate authoritarian gains after Gonzales laid waste to the place and got everyone who was either competent or not a complete tool to resign in disgust if they hadn't already been fired. Mukasey will entrench the theory of the unitary executive** and write more torture memos, just wait and see. Mukasey is just as legitimate as the rest of the criminal Bush regime; that is, not at all.

Still, accepting the theory that it's better to have a competent authoritarian at the helm of Justice, instead of a sociopath, it might make sense to let Mukasey slide in. Who knows? He might even see the light. Bruce Fein did. And Kevin has a good suggestion for how:

There's really no good solution here — and like it or not, we don't have the votes to defeat Mukasey anyway. But as an unsatisfactory compromise, I'd recommend that Democrats simply vote present as a bloc when Mukasey's nomination comes to the floor, allowing the GOP to confirm him using only their own votes. It's one way of letting the American public know clearly that although we'll let the president choose his own advisors, they're his advisors and he's responsible for them. It may not be feasible to block Mukasey's nomination, but there's no reason any Democrat needs to actively approve of it.


Cripple the bastard so he can do as little damage as possible.

Fuck comity. Well, no, on second thought, don't fuck comity. I'm not a necrophiliac, after all.

NOTE Also known as The Theory Of We Get To Do Whatever The Fuck We Want.

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What am I missing? Since when did close votes or bad polls or, especially, the opinion of the Democrat party ever have any impact on BushCo? Voting "Present" won't lay a glove on him.

If he's voted in, he gets to consolidate, dismantle, prevaricate, torture, whatever the fuck he wants.

How about Sheldon Whitehouse putting a hold on the guy who doesn't think waterboarding is torture? I know Chimpy McFuckstick placed an even worse torture lover in temporary control of the morale decimated Justice department. But why give the guy the automatic legitimacy that he will be granted by Fox/Bobo/Broder/Krautdouchebag, and crew?

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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Won't work with the feral hogs in the administration, but for anyone outside, it might help.

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

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...and it didn't take away his legitimacy. He "governed" like he had a mandate. So will Mukasey, because it is the Republican modus operandi.

The Democrats have completely marginalized themselves - so not voting for Mukasey would be reported as them being obstructionist, or feckless.

They are in total disarray so it will never happen anyway. They are running around like the guy at the back of the parade cleaning up the elephant shit. They'll never get to the front and lead.

Jeebus I'm in a foul mood, and here I am taking it out on lambert - I am just never going to get any of that Soros money.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead