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Kerry to Congress on Syria: Fuck you, Obama will do it anyhow, no matter what you do

So take your silly vote:

Less than a day after the president vowed to put an attack to a congressional vote, secretary of state John Kerry said the administration was determined to act against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and did not need the backing of Congress to do so.

Honestly, are they trying to get Obama impeached?

I mean, look. Isn't throwing some kind of big, Constitutional-type net over Our Preznit's ability to whack whoever he wants whenever he wants more important than a blowjob? So what are we waiting for?

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Looks like a PR drive to create the aura of inevitability and to create the idea that to oppose the administration is futile; this has worked in the past with the TARP vote. The rhetorical jiujitsu to counter that could come on several fronts:

1. (To Conservatives): The money for this is coming from where? We can't afford to fix a bridge in your congressional district but we have billions to blow on cruise missiles for Obama's latest foreign policy disaster? To support al Qaeda?

2. (To Liberals): The proper policy response to chemical weapons strikes that kill thousands of innocent civilians isn't cruise missiles that will kill thousands of innocent civilians. The proper policy response should be humanitarian aid for war refugees, instead of another Bush-style foreign policy disaster that puts the entire world against us.

3. (To everyone else): Is this worth gas that costs $25 /gallon? This will kill the oh-so-wonderful economy we've got going. If the war spreads to Russia, China, and Iran, is it worth losing the life of every able-bodied male you know under the age of 30?

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Caught what we could of replays on the road.

I'm convinced that if you looked up the transcripts from MTP, etc., from early 2000's--the language would be identical.

Don't have the least worry about impeachment. PBO has managed to turn the already moribund so-called "left," especially the Dem Party base, into complete door mats and Dem Party apologists (that doesn't apply to every progressive, of course--just the majority, or so it seems, at times).

Why on earth would conservatives want to ruin this, LOL!

He is doing what only a Democrat could do--getting ready to gut our social insurance programs, and lead us into a war that may lead to a war (or wars) that will make Iraq look like a piker.

According to The Press Pool on POTUS, Kerry is actually personally less interventionist than former Secretary Clinton (he's more along the lines of the CFR Prez Richard Haas (than a hawk or neocon).

But I've long believed the folks like Zbigniew Brzezinski actually "call the shots," no matter which Party the President hails from.

And why is it that John Kerry always talks as though he giving a formal Senate floor speech! Jeeeezzzz!!!!!

Is the man incapable of "just talking" normally, LOL!

Oh, one has to wonder--is the true purpose of this war to offset some of the gains that we've made in regards to "lowering the deficit?"

I've sure read enough pieces over the past several months that lament that it might be harder now, to strike a Grand Bargain. Hmmmmmmmm . . . .

Thanks to Lambert, Libby, Jay, etc., who are holding this Administration's feet to the fire on Syria. We certainly can't depend on our "crack MSM" to do it.

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Well, the case remains the same, David. The President of the United States has made his decision. His decision is to take military action in response to this outrageous attack.



So the president has made the decision. He has made the decision that he believes we need take a military strike.



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But I'm confused. Wasn't the preznit the one who suggested going through Congress in the first place? Has Kerry gone off message? Or is Obama creating his own reality right there in his office, with Kerry designated as the advocate of President-as-Sun-King, and Obama himself as the advocation Constitutional monarchy? A grand drama, I guess, but to what purpose? Just keeping his options open? Or maybe, just maybe, the wheels really are coming off this wagon.