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Kerry passed off Israeli Syrian intercepts as US

Not that I give a whole lot of credence to US intel either, you understand, but still:

[The summary of the intelligence document Kerry used] claims, "We intercepted communications involving a senior official intimately familiar with the offensive who confirmed that chemical weapons were used by the regime on August 21 and was concerned with the U.N. inspectors obtaining evidence."

That seems to indicate that U.S. intelligence intercepted such communiations. But former British Ambassador Craig Murray has pointed out on his blog August 31 that the Mount Troodos listening post in Cyprus is used by British and U.S. intelligence to monitor “all radio, satellite and microwave traffic across the Middle East … ” and that “almost all landline telephone communications in this region is routed through microwave links at some stage [and] picked up on Troodos.”

All intelligence picked by the Troodos listening post is shared between the U.S. and British intelligence, Murray wrote, but no commmunictions such as the ones described in the U.S. intelligence summary were shared with the British Joint Intelligence Organisation.  Murray said a personal contact in U.S. intelligence had told him the reason was that the purported intercept came from the Israelis. The Israeli origin of the intelligence was reported in the U.S. press as well, because an Israeli source apparently leaked it to a German magazine.

The clumsy attempt to pass off intelligence claimed dubiously by the Israelis as a U.S. intercept raises a major question about the integrity of the entire document. The Israelis have an interest in promoting a U.S. attack on Syria, and the authenticity of the alleged intercept cannot be assumed. Murray believes that it is fraudulent.

Well, it's not likely that the Israeli's have any interest in "Let's you and him fight." They don't play that game.

NOTE Hat tip jawbone for the link.

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entered Syria on 8/18 and 19, passed through Ghouta, the site of the chem warfare kabuki or actual killings.

A Northwoods op on foreign soil? To enrage the world and the US public so there could be yet another war??? Getting his war on, but good.

And special care was taken to produce images of many dead little, sweet, innocent children.

Too bad the same little girl showed up in three difference layouts of dead kids. Too bad one of these shots showed a woman administering shots to dead children.... Sleeping aid of some sort to keep them looking nice and dead?