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Kerry Claims Egyptian Army ‘Restored Democracy’!

Brendan O’Neill in “The Army Pulled The Trigger, But The West Loaded The Gun” calls the posturing of concern -- a “restrained” outcry -- among Western leaders over the recent behavior of Egyptian security forces gunning down or wounding thousands of SIT-IN PROTESTERS “synthetic sorrow.”

I’d call what is happening on the streets of Egypt “terrorism” but apparently our Western terrorizing perpetrators of the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR don’t judge it so.

No surprise.

O’Neill writes:

The killings were ‘excessive’, says Amnesty, in a bid to bag the prize for understatement of the year; ‘brutal’, say various handwringing newspaper editorials; ‘too much’, complain Western politicians.


The moral ammunition for yesterday’s massacres was provided by the very politicians and campaigners now crying crocodile tears over the sight of hundreds of dead Egyptians.


Meanwhile, the US has refused to call the military’s sweeping aside of Morsi a coup. The Democratic secretary of state, John Kerry, has gone further and congratulated al-Sisi’s regime for ‘restoring democracy’. Kerry said the military’s assumption of power was an attempt to avoid ‘descendance into chaos and violence’ under Morsi, and its appointment of civilians in the top political jobs was a clear sign that it was devoted to ‘restoring democracy’. He said this on 2 August. After hundreds of Morsi supporters had already been massacred. If al-Sisi’s forces believe that killing protesters demanding the reinstatement of a democratically elected prime minister is itself a democratic act, a necessary and even good thing, it isn’t hard to see where they got the idea from.


Baroness Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s chief of foreign affairs, who, like al-Sisi, is unelected, visited Egypt at the end of July. She met with al-Sisi and his handpicked, unelected president, Adly Mansour. She called on this junta disguised as a transitional power to start a ‘journey [towards] a stable, prosperous and democratic Egypt’. This was after it had massacred hundreds of protesters, placed various politicians and activists in prison, and reinstated the Mubarak-era secret police to wage a ‘war on terror’ against MB supporters. For Ashton to visit al-Sisi and talk about democracy in the aftermath of such authoritarian clampdowns was implicitly to confer authority on the coup that brought him to power and on his brutal rule and actions.


Meanwhile, former British PM turned UN peace envoy Tony Blair has become a globetrotting spokesman for the legitimacy of the al-Sisi regime. The army will have to take ‘some very tough, even unpopular decisions’ in its ‘steering of the country back on to a path towards elections’, he says. Most strikingly, Blair said of al-Sisi’s regime that sometimes an efficient government is more important than an elected one. In executing ‘very unpopular’ massacres in the name of making Egypt run more ‘efficiently’ – the key justification al-Sisi and his forces have given for their clampdown on Morsi supporters – the military regime is reading from a moral narrative provided by Tony Blair.

Once again shameless and refusing to go away from the engineering of global horrors Tony Blair said “sometimes an efficient government is more important than an elected one”. Could Mussolini have posed it any better?


Sounds something like “they had to kill unarmed protesting citizens in order to bring them democracy”!!!! Surreally funny if it were not so EVIL AND OBSCENE!

Former peace activist Secretary of State John Kerry calls the gunning down of SIT-IN PROTESTERS the “restoring of democracy”?????? Bye bye to the mortal soul of Mr. Kerry.

O’Neill mourns that even the so-called “human rights lobbies” have offered General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the head of the Egyptian army regime in Egypt, “MORAL COVER”. They have provided silence or profound “understatement” for this junta’s violent repression of unarmed citizens -- and they have even supplied propaganda to set it up.

O’Neill asks the question. Would there have been such a brutal bloodbath against Egyptian civilians without General al-Sisi having gotten away with a “coup” not acknowledged as a coup by the US and receiving its overall and long-term blessing and promise of $1.3 billion annually for military support? That money, incidentally, may be mere chicken feed compared to what anti-MB Saudi Arabia and others have been and are willing to pay to UNDULY (my understatement) INFLUENCE the choice of an administration of a fellow sovereign country.

So the brutality was part of the “road to democracy”? Wow, look at how far politically popular “lesser eviism” and “pragmatism” have come!

Slaughtering unarmed civilians expressing discontent in sit-in demonstrations is unfortunate but NECESSARY? IS THAT THE ROAD TO DEMOCRACY? IS THAT RESTORING DEMOCRACY? Slaughter NOT peaceful elections to establish "effective" government? (Effective for whom?) Well, slaughter if the elections don't go the way the mafia of imperialist vulture countries don't endorse. That is the road to said so-called "effective" government bottom-line acceptable in our not-really-post-Bush Obamaworld?

“Ends justifies the means”? Do you actually trust the US is backing the so-called “good guys”? Do you actually trust the US and its merry band of imperialists are not actually creating, arming, enabling and giving cover to the “bad guys”?

Wanna buy a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn?

Once again, don’t believe your lying eyes on what is happening on the streets of Egypt flooded with the blood of unarmed protesters. Believe the rhetoric of the enablers of evil. Our faux-troubled over violence (NOT) country’s leaders tch tching it all but giving OUR tax dollars to support the perpetrators -- the butchers -- of mass slaughter.

O’Neill calls out Amnesty International as only one of the human-rights groups CHERRY-PICKING what issues so-called Western progressives should be outraged about and which to minimize, overlook or justify. “Pussy Riot” in Russia still imprisoned for outrage. Taksim Square in Turkey also has encouraged attention.

The “massacre of camping protesters in Cairo”? Not so much. In fact, Amnesty among others provided some fueling propaganda for the justification of the slaughter by the army.


It’s only secular, left-leaning protesters that Amnesty and its Hampstead-based patrons are interested in, not bearded, Koran-reading blokes demanding the reinstatement of a religious-leaning president.


In fact, Amnesty has gone further than helping to divert the human-rights brigade’s attentions away from blood-stained Cairo – it has also inadvertently provided part of the justification for the Egyptian security forces’ massacres. One of Amnesty’s chief contributions to the discussion about Egypt over the past two months has been the writing of a report alleging that the pro-Morsi protest camps are abducting and torturing their opponents – that is, supporters of al-Sisi’s military regime. And the regime has enthusiastically cited Amnesty’s claims in its justification of its violent destruction of the pro-Morsi camps.

The regime’s foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, mentioned Amnesty reports in his explanation for why his forces have launched a ‘war on terror’ against Morsi supporters. Amnesty has not only implicitly played down the seriousness of the massacres in Egypt; it has also provided a moral excuse for their execution.


Tamarod, the radical group that called for the removal of Morsi back in July, and which is hailed by the celebrated radical American-Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy as a brilliant and inspiring movement, has said it is ‘happy for [the security forces] to play their role in confronting the violence and terrorism practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood’.

Both Ms Eltahawy and Tamarod have repeated regime propaganda about the Morsi camps being armed and dangerous, effectively terroristic, and thus apparently deserving of destruction. Tamarod’s provision of some pseudo-liberal, seemingly grassroots spit-and-polish to the regime’s massacres of its opponents isn’t surprising – there are now more and more claims that, in the words most recently of the London Review of Books, Tamarod is not as organic as it seems and has in fact received ‘advice, information and possibly weapons’ from the security forces.


.... For the security forces’ actions have been implicitly okayed by Western politicians, fuelled by the claims of human-rights groups, and supported on the streets by the Egyptian left. What we are witnessing is not simply a violent clampdown by men with guns, but effectively the Western-approved imposition of brute stability in Egypt and the bringing to an end of the Arab Spring and the idea that lay at the heart of it – namely, that Arab peoples are capable of determining their destinies free from external intervention or internal military control. That positive, spring-like belief might have been physically mown down by al-Sisi’s goons, but their guns were loaded by so-called Western liberals.

Kiss the Arab Spring goodbye. Well, some of us knew it was doomed when Obama among others pretended it should be respected.

And for God’s sake never ever hold Obama and all the West’s pimped out by the oligarchy ones grasping for ALL power and ALL resources accountable for the evil prevailing across the globe.

Profits uber alles once again. This time, over Egyptian lives.

John Kerry has come a long, tragic way since the days when he cried out for real peace and real democracy.

But haven’t we all?

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"How Western liberals provided the moral ammo for the massacres in Egypt."
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