If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Ka-ching we can believe in"

Nobody could have predicted that the political engineers who won Obama's "Hope and Change" campaign in 2008 would go and cash in. (My favorite is Jim Messina, who's now managing Tory David Cameron's campaign.)

I do think, though, that Obama's acting like so much like a loose cannon these days -- forcing down the airplane of another head of state, personally intervening in personnel matters on Capitol Hill -- because he is a loose cannon. The "team" who won him the White House could restrain him, but there's nobody with any stature, now. Not even Rahm! So we increasingly get the true Obama: Pissy, thin-skinned, arrogant, and not as smart as he thinks he is. Hates women, too. He'll never nominate Janet Yellen.