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Actually, I'm not of the school that bloggers and lefties (or, in Greenwald's case, libertarians) ought to starve for the good of their souls; we aren't artists in the garrets of Paris, and we don't sing "Thy tiny hand is frozen!" That said....

I bet life was a lot simpler and cleaner for Greenwald when he was just a blogger sitting on the beach, albeit blogging for the Guardian.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

I have no problem with this as long as Snowden receives some serious $$$$$$$$ paid directly into his Russian bank account.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

I have been watching the interviews, etc. these past couple of days and I have been suddenly overwhelemed at exactly what Snowden did. Twenty-nine years old and more brave than anyone I have ever heard about.

Submitted by lambert on

This long winter has made me very cranky, and you're right.

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Submitted by danps on

Funding will always be a problem for independent liberal bloggers for as long as they exist. If an (ahem) angel investor wanted to drop a lot of money on this site, or mine, or NC, or whatever, the proprietor has some pretty serious consequences to grapple with.

Will there be an expectation of alignment with a party/movement? If not, what are the priorities of the funder? Those will inevitably be in the proprietor's mind and have some kind of influence.

I think the Omidyar example is interesting. He dropped a load of cash on Greenwald to keep doing what he already had been doing for years at (presumably) much lower pay. So it's all good right? Yeah, except for the part about the, um, harmonization between USAID's meddling in Ukraine and Omidyar's. AFAIK Glenn has tiptoed around that.

Then there's his recent highlighting of the mighty philanthropic efforts of oligarchs. That didn't happen in a vacuum either.

Bottom line, even a no-strings-attached gift has an influence. All that said, one shouldn't need to starve for one's blog. You've documented your struggles trying to keep Corrente going. If someone offered to drop a quarter bil on you I wouldn't blame you for taking the money and worrying about the corruption of your blogging soul later.

(Of course, the nature of the blogging here is a pretty strong prophylactic against an oligarch feeling moved to lavishly fund it. No worries lambert - the threat to your site's integrity is most likely purely academic!)

Submitted by lambert on

Part of the deal would include a lump "'Fuck you!' money" in cash. That way, a trivial amount to a squillionaire would include a way out for me if things went sour. I hope Greenwald made some sort of deal like that.