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Just what ARE 'American values'?

Based on what I perceive happening in industrialized society and in particular the U.S.
the psychological state of denial is fully rampant.

This article titled "America in denial: We're number 29 (of 30)" certaainly makes a case for such a state.

"But there's more to this than so-called "America bashing". The indicators raise serious questions about what we value (even just attend to) and why, as well as presenting some interesting surprises. They also reveal who we Americans ought to be modelling our policies on if we really want our country to excel."

"The indicators in this category, along with the United States' ranking, are as follows: life expectancy at birth (24), healthy life expectancy at birth (24 [tied] out of 29), probability of not reaching the age of 60 (25), infant mortality rate (25), obesity (30), practicing physicians per capita (23)(this one was cited by the GA health dept. head for why GA is against the ACA medicaid regs), acute care hospital beds per capita (25 out of 29), psychiatric care beds per capita (25 out of 29)."

"When it comes to freedom and democracy, however, conservatives are not alone in mistakenly thinking that the US leads the world, when it's actually dragging up the rear among the advanced industrial nations. The US does score in the mid-range on a couple of indicators, but fails abysmally on others: voter turnout for parliamentary elections (30); female parliamentarians (24); gender gap [economic, political, etc.] (13 -tied); corruption perceptions index (18); press freedom index (26/29); collective bargaining coverage (24/25); prisoners per capita (29/29); support for human rights [international agreements signed] (30). For the category as a whole, the US ranks 28th out of 30."

"Land of the free, home of the brave" phrasing is just another example of " indulging in unconscious defence mechanisms to make yourself feel better, rather than using conscious coping strategies that can help you actually do better. "

Wonder what the distributions rights are for the e-book as I'd sure like to see it in the hands of the elites and those who proclaim themselves patriots: "Real patriots fix problems, they don't deny them."

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I love this one!

BTW, Have you seen the latest Credit Suisse report on Global Wealth? Wigwam did a post on it at FDL.

It's got some stunning data on inequality and implies a scathing indictment of neo-liberalism, a very good case for re-distribution of wealth, and strong support for the view that we need job guarantees at a real living wage in every nation, and especially so in the United States. Here, median wealth per adult is about $53,000, which is 17th among the top 19 countries. Also, the ratio of mean wealth per adult to median wealth (a measure of inequality and, I think, room for re-distribution) is 4.71.

By comparison, median wealth in the UK is about $122,000, and the mean to median wealth per adult ratio is 2.11, and in Australia that ratio is 1.79, while the median wealth per adult is an astounding $221,704.

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Didn't see the Wigwam but did see the $32 T story. What is journalistically ignored -denial- is the many that are the enablers -and happily so- of those materially rich beyond any reality except 'keeping up with the Joneses' or 'one-upmanship modus operandi' and the millions that are still 'doing ok'. Until those people start to have compassion be a high priority in their lives or something happen to move the enablers against those that they enable, it will be a slow grind until the vast majority reach the anger stage.
And we still have the unspoken Calvinist heritage thinking of that suffering is somehow noble affecting many.
Even after all was said and done, Bush STILL had an approval rating of over 30 per cent.
People are all over the map when it comes to mapping the 5 stages of grief and denial to the body politic/culture. And no one has gotten to the 'acceptance' stage.