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Just sent Hillary $50

I want Universal Health Care, and I want don't want Social Security privatized.

Obama, continuing his rightward slide, just deep-sixed UHC, and he lost my trust by dog-whistling Social Security long ago.

So, win or lose, the stronger position Hillary is in, the better.

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I figure let's cut out the middle man. HRC, OFB, McCain.. It doesn't matter. GOP, Democrat, Senator, House Rep (except for a very few), it doesn't matter.

All the words and emails and money eventually end up being controlled and influenced by AT&T and Exxon, so why keep kidding ourselves.

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I've sent small amounts a few times now. I even mentioned to the parents that they might think about doing the same - they were already 100% Hillary, but never thought about a campaign at this level needing money from actual people. They donated, and I fell over in disbelief. I'll be working for the campaign in Ohio. Don't have time for much, but I'll do what I can.

FWIW, I am going to have to talk my parents out of voting for McCain in the GE if Obama wins. That concept scares the absolute crap out of me. My mom's dad, who she absolutely revered, was an elected county judge in upstate NY for over 24 years. Democratic party 100%. It's unfathomable that after all these years, my mom and dad would vote anything other than Dem on the presidential level. Yet there they are. I guess it's time to talk up the Supreme Court aspect of the next presidency. That might scare them into some semblence of reason. They think McCain must be bluffing about 100 years in Iraq. No one is crazy enough to fall for that, right?

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I've sent her money already, but I was thinking it would be nice to have a t-shirt. Even if she does end up losing this thing, it's still a historic run. Maybe I'll buy my niece one, too. Her parents are Republicans, but they'll just have to get over it.

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I am afraid that thanks to the media, the A-list and many half-witted educated people, we will get Obama. We'll have two Republicans fighting over the White House.

Let's talk 2012. And we were laughing at the Democratic Congress.

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The GOP insiders have already conceded the WH. While the Dems are busy playing gladiator and tarnishing their brand and capitalizing on turning people off... The GOP is bust focusing on the House. They want to repeat the Clinton years.

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Or at least some of her supporters aren't, they've formed a 527 called "American Leadership Project" focused primarily on Ohio. If nothing else, it should force Obama to keep talking about issues and hopefully push him leftwards (and how weird is it that we have to rely on Hillary Clinton to push the debate leftwards? I wouldn't have predicted that a year ago).

Here's there first ad, called Blueprint:

Okay, really I just posted this so I could try my hand at embedding You Tube videos. I was jealous that you guys did it last night with that Tweety piece when I had to settle for the lame link. But I still can't figure out how to set it off with some nice space around it. Grrrr.