If you have "no place to go," come here!

Just lit the wood stove for the first time...

.. having cleaned out enough of the man cave to be safe. Yikes!

Head down over the site relaunch, Campaign Countdown, not much time to do anything else. Basically like this from William Gibson's Idoru:

Masahiko's room, at the bottom of a short flight of concrete stairs, to the rear of the restaurant's kitchen, had probably been a storage closet. It was a boy-nightmare, the sort of environment Chia knew from the brothers of friends, its floor and ledgelike bed long vanished beneath unwashed clothes, ramen-wrappers, Japanese magazines with wrinkled covers. A tower of empty foam ramen bowls in one corner, their hologram labels winking from beyond a single cone of halogen. A desk or table forming a second, higher ledge, cut from some recycled material that looked as though it had been laminated from shredded juice cartons. His computer there, a featureless black cube. A shallower shelf of the juice-carton board supported a pale blue microwave, unopened ramen bowls, and half a dozen tiny steel cans of coffee.

Becoming an otaku is apparently not limited to the young....

And of course I gutted it out with an electrc oil heater for a month or so because while I might end up short on wood this year, wood you have to pay for right away, and the electric bill you can punt on. Even if it is more expensive!

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Submitted by jawbone on

a source of warmth until just Saturday. I figure it had to colder up in Maine than here in northern subonnia NJ.

Then again, the weather has been downright weird in NJ in recent who knows?

Getting down to 46 in the house was quite uncomfortable unless doing physical labor or under lots of covers. And then one was so tempted to stay under the covers....