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June 6: Another round of sham health care house parties from the administration

Just got spam from Plouffe* telling me so. Be sure to sign up so you can advocate for single payer. Obama's going to do a live conference call, and assuming -- big assumption -- that it's not one-way and top-down, you could even ask a question!

NOTE Or the "O"rganzing For America or the Democratic Party or the 2012 "O"bama campaign or whatever. Hard to tell, but the branding's all "O" down to the log"O".

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Submitted by gob on

to ask at your house party:

In 2003, you/the President said we could have single payer universal health care if we took back the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. Now that we've done that, why not pass a single payer bill like HR 676 right away?

My local house parties are hideously mismatched to my schedule. Hope I can find a way to get to one.

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Submitted by ElizabethF on

there are 21 house parties in WPB, Fort Lauderdale and Miami scheduled.

One consistent message: help President Obama get his 'three core princples for health care reform' and 'cost effective'.

What's are the three core principles?

Submitted by lambert on

See here (hat tip, Hipparchia). Includes Obama's "principles."

Submitted by hipparchia on

from a dfa email i got yesterday --

Every time we have asked you to take action or spread the word, DFA members have come through with results -- and the impact is obvious. Just last week, President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to a public option with his announced three principles of reform: Reduce Cost, Guarantee Choice, and Ensure Affordable Care for All.

my reply [i usually send a reply, even though i know they never read them] --

Three principles?! What happened to the other 5?

Submitted by hipparchia on

probably doesn't mesh well with reducing costs.

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Submitted by Sarah on

because old people, poor people, and sick people who can't work for slave wages without having the temerity to want benefits in exchange should just go die.

This is THE overriding principle of the bankster-driven government we have had since 1980: make more money now for the rich, and the hell with all else.