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Joint Select Committee on Human Sacrifice to have an R staff director


Submitted by jawbone on

heat of fierce and abiding anger. Alternating with the freezing chill of utter terror at what this Committee of the Twelve Caesars will do to us, the non-wealthy. Damn these ConservaRepubliCrats!

Obama's Cat Food Commission II looks more and more like his means of achieving his long desired social safety net destruction...on steroids.

Obama saw no president since St.Ronnie as being "transformational." And in the 10-15 years prior to his run, he saw only Republicans as having good ideas. Why the hell did Dems think he was going to be a Democratic president?

Too bad young Barry saw the destruction of social groups and legislation which helped working people as being "a good thing." Too bad he has not matured more along the principles of the Democratic Party. Instead, he saw it as his way of lying his way into office as a Republican Corporatist.

Oh, Pelosi sent me an email asking for donations: I replied that will happen only when Dems return to Democratic Party principles and work fiercely to protect the great achievements of FDR and LBJ.

I imagine my email will not be read. Postcard time, just to have it on record.