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John K. Delaney is scared of third parties

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John K. Delaney: The solution to fixing dysfunction in Congress

After two decades spent gaining a data-driven perspective in the private sector, I believe that problems on this scale are usually caused by structural failures. Our electoral process has created perverse incentives that have warped our democracy and empowered special interests and a vocal minority. Congressional dysfunction is the logical result of closed primaries, too many gerrymandered one-party seats and low-turnout elections.

To address these problems, I filed the Open Our Democracy Act in July. If passed, the legislation would mandate open primaries for House elections, begin the process of national redistricting reform and make Election Day the equivalent of a federal holiday.

Open primaries are for the purpose of protecting the John Delaney's of this world from primary challenges and third party challenges, especially third party chellanges. This is nothing more than an attempt to reduce democracy under the guise of reform.

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californacate the rest of the nation, how nice.