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John Cornyn launching swift boats against Rick Noriega?

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Burnt Orange Report and Texas Kaos carry crosspostings of an article today about Senator Box Turtle requesting combat veteran Rick Noriega's military records. I'm not sure I buy the "swift-boat!" assumptions, but in looking for a legitimate link for the story, I did find some more background on Noreiga as well as Jan Reid's compelling profile.
While deployed, Noriega met the clue-by-four on our national health care crisis firsthand, according to the Houston Chronicle: Struggle for treatment
Noriega said the biggest lesson learned from his military service that he would take to the Senate regards the U.S. health care system. While he was deployed, his wife, Melissa, discovered she could not get treatment in Houston under the National Guard's health insurance. Noriega said her experience taught him what a struggle health care can be for the poor or uneducated.

During the 14 months Noriega was in Afghanistan, his wife served in his place in the Texas House. Melissa Noriega last year won election to the Houston City Council.

If I were y'all I wouldn't give up on Ray McMurrey, either. There was a teacher like that from along the Pedernales a generation ago, and once he got to Congress he did some amazing things on behalf of his constituents (rural Texans without much money, mostly). His name was Lyndon Baines Johnson.

And if y'all are in Texas, do you need another reason to vote Democratic than knowing Bush's nickname for Senator Box Turtle goes back to his time as Bush's Attorney General in Texas, when the most useless man in Austin accepted "Corndog" as a moniker?

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but honestly, when I take a look at who runs your state it is tempting to consider that perhaps Santa Ana had a point.

Hope y'all have that primary system figured out, I tried to wade through the rules so as to be an informed observer but goodgoda'mighty, what a mess.

And if Clinton comes up short one delegate for the nomination because she didn't carry a district in the Texas panhandle by one vote, you know who is going to catch the blame. :-)

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Submitted by Sarah on

because come next Tuesday I'll vote for JRE in the primary.

Gave my word, you see, and you're right -- "... good godamighty, what a mess" barely starts to cover it, and I'm not just talking about the auction effect -- and if Generalissimo Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón (it bears being accurate sometimes) hadn't been his country's Bush41, things might've been lots different and lots better now -- ¿quien sabe?

But this primary/caucus/proportion mess is a direct result of a panicked party trying to figure out a way to outfox Tom DeLay's redistricting, once they saw they couldn't outlawyer it. (Texas judges are elected. In the DeLay heyday, you couldn't find anybody to *run* for one of those benches as a Democrat!)

If anybody'd actually paid attention in 2000 to the (cough) law (cough) making it illegal for Cheney and Bush to run on the same ticket, maybe we'd be better off still. ¿Otra vez, quién sabe?

What I know is neither of the so-called Front Runners has so far shown me (plural of anecdotes not being data in my hardened universe) any inclination to do what Edwards said:

restore the Constitutional balance of power between the Executive and Legislative branches,
bring back habeas corpus,
stop giving tax breaks to corporations that outsource our jobs and industrial base,
fix our infrastructure including but not limited to the elimination of No Child Left Behind
activating something similar to the WPA/CCC to put Americans to work making our roads and buildings and institutions safer, stronger, greener and less dependendent on foreign oil (yeah, that would be jobs, here, with benefits and unions, which made him a prime target for the corporations to eliminate lest his dangerous populism leak out and catch on),
and oh, by the way, fix it so even poor people can see a doctor when they need one.
Not to mention putting a stop to sending our men and women back to Iraq and Afghanistan, and bringing home the ones there now -- quickly.

I am particularly suspicious of the "auction" effect.

Money and media spin are not the prophets we should seek!

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Submitted by bringiton on

Won't blame you just yet, I'm all for Roy Bean justice - first the trial, then the hanging. Maybe it'll be clear-cut and you'll be off the hook.

This Texas primary is soooo Democratic Party, take a mess and find a way to make it worse. Maybe when it’s over you could explain to us simple folk how all the electoral forces played out against each other.

Good on ya for staying true.

(Oh and thanks for gently correcting my spelling, I know there are two "n"s in Santa Anna but failed to notice the mistake, perhaps my cerebral arteries are...hardening.... When it comes to comparing him to Bush it is only fair to point out that Santa Anna had, shall we say, a leg up. If nothing else positive, he was physically courageous.)

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That's the auction effect.

I'm glad you're voting for Edwards, Sarah.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by Sima on

both Noriega and McMurray are good candidates. I like Noriega's history though.

And Sarah, on Feb 9th my husband, after an awful experience at the local caucus, staring at our mail in ballots which mean nothing in WA state, said wistfully, 'I still want to vote for Edwards, that's where my heart is.'

I said, 'Vote for him. I'm going to. It means nothing, but it does speak our hearts.' We'd caucused for Clinton, as many other local Edwards voters did, because we had no choice basically. Health care is our primary concern.

So more power to you, vote for Edwards!

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Thing is if he gets 15% he'll have delegates at the convention, and he's savvy enough not to have 'endorsed' anybody yet.

And bringiton, those Illinoisians probably got way the best side of that deal ... sigh. But Texas has a town named Santa Ana, and we have in our history books Native American chiefs named both Santanta and Satanta who were (naturally demonized by the winners of the genocide, but I digress) Homeland Security front-liners before the Republican party had any power in Texas politics.

Yeah, this primary/caucus thing bears every possible hallmark of a Democratic Party masterpiece, doesn't it? Sigh.

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Noriega said her experience taught him what a struggle health care can be for the poor or uneducated.

poor "or" uneducated don't always go together. yes, i'm nitpicking. but how about the "fully employed, pay their mortgage on time, college degree holding" uninsured? how did they 'bring it on themselves?'

this is a minor, dog whistle thing. i endorse whomever Sarah endorses in TX, i don't know anyone else to trust more than her down there. but- the "struggle" for health care often has nothing to do with wealth and education. or am i the only one living that truth today?

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print on a gnat's eye in 72-point bold ital and have room left over, but what I'm guessing is that, with Rick on Active Status, Melissa couldn't get care (either for herself or for a child/children, I don't know) out of the TRICARE system (which is almost more fubared than the VA system, since it's a way of letting "insurers" co-opt AD/TDY military members and dependents instead of simply having them go on base).

Here's the deal -- it depends on what your degree's in, y'know?
IANAL, but my BA in English/Technical writing is more helpful in wading through the obfuscatory tangles of CHAMPUS/TRICARE than would be, say, a ME in electrical engineering; it just won't earn me as many bucks in the civilian world.