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John Brennan is a horrible human being

Look, we remember John Brennan very well.

Let me just translate Udall, that liberal lion: Embrace torture, and everything's jake with the angels, but spying on Congress? Buddy, that's over the line!

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One comments, one then realizes that the point has become hackneyed and or trite, and one then erases the comment.

There really is nothing more to say about these people; they are beyond words and beneath contempt. They should all be sent to the Hague to let the French sort them out. That would be amusing. Or rendered and dropped behind the lines into the brand new Islamic Caliphate they have so successfully helped to create. That would be justice.

Business idea! This would make a good reality series: "Dick Cheney: Behind the lines without a battery charger! Heart stopping action right down to his final sneer...Real time paintings by GWB that you can buy online! (Offer good as long as he lasts)...See Condoleeza bathed in yellowcake just prior to the mushroom cloud cliffhanger; you'll never guess what she can do with aluminum tubes..."

One becomes inured to the infamy of modern life.

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And, right on cue, per HuffPo:

"We tortured some folks after 9/11, and we as a country will have to take responsibility for that....I have full faith in John Brennan...."

Barack Obama (paraphrased)

So, WE, "as a nation", need to take responsibility for something we would never have done ourselves so that those who actually were responsible and those who could do something about it don't have to. "Shared sacrifice", again, anyone?

You gotta love this guy. I wonder if he even recognizes what an ass he is.