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John Baldacci is everything that's wrong with Maine Democrats

Bangor Daily News:

Former Maine Gov. John Baldacci said Tuesday that politicians need to collaborate and cooperate to put America on a solid fiscal path before the nation’s $16 trillion debt gets further out of hand. Baldacci also said he might consider running again for political office.

“I’m looking at it,” [the oleaginous] Baldacci said. The focus of Baldacci’s speech was the national debt, which is more than $16 trillion, and the importance of parties working together to put America on a better fiscal path.

Baldacci, who today [via the revolving door] is senior advisor for economic development and government relations at the Pierce Atwood law firm [of sleazy backscratching fixers] in Portland, is also co-chairing Maine’s Fix the Debt campaign with a former adversary, Rick Bennett.

To be fair, tag teaming with Republicans to force austerity down our throats should go over big with the national Democrats, and hey, maybe Fix The Debt's funders will cough up some dough for the campaign! Woo hoo!

Our current Republican Governor, Paul LePage, is a winger and a bully. But at least he isn't corrupt! And Baldacci is the man who -- carefully and expensively assisted by Pierce Atwood, who handled the "legal" aspects of the affair -- single-handedly turned Maine into a dumping ground for out-of-state trash, inverting the solid waste heirarchy that made recycling the top priority and landfilling the bottom, and presiding over an opaque and corrupt process marked by state officials telling the landfill operator that "your wish is my command," and contracts between the state and the the landfill operator rewritten in secret and only discovered years later. And most of profits go out of state!

If Baldacci is even considering running again, that shows the Democratic Party learned nothing from its shellacking in 2010 and is returning to its old ways. I will never vote for Baldacci for anything, and will always vote for his opponent, no matter whom, including LePage.

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Between this guy and Carmen Ortiz, the USA who hounded Aaron Swartz to his grave, the rising stars of the Democratic Party sure are impressive, aren't they?

EDIT: Oh, and I learned a new word today oleaginous, "having the nature or qualities of oil".