If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Joe, you should have thought of that before!"

When Joe returns to the Beltway, will he hang out with the Democrats? I think Emily Post would tell the Lieberman camp that there's no way Joe can unshit the bed. But that won't stop him from trying:

Concerns about the senator's return were evident in an internal memo obtained by The Associated Press.

"We should discuss his schedule when he's in DC and whether it makes sense to go to Caucus events, etc. or not," wrote a senior Lieberman aide to several other top staffers.

Why doesn't Joe just caucus with the Republicans? He's helping to elect them, after all.

The memo sought input on 13 likely questions from the media about Lieberman, including whether he or his staff had tried to shore up support among House and Senate colleagues, and what kind of reception he expected from fellow Democrats.

"Once I have the rough answers from you guys I will turn this into a memo for (Lieberman)," the document said.

Top aides were still debating whether Lieberman should join Democrats at the party luncheon. Lieberman will appear at an awards ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday night, but aides provided few other details of his schedule.

What's the award for? Anger? An incumbent's sense of entitlement? Backstabbing?

NOTE "Should have thought of that" riff from MyDD:

Foxnews asks "Will Connecticut senator's independent run help embattled GOP candidates?"

Joe's response? "Well, they should have thought of that before they had the primary."

['Scuse me a minute. There. That's better.]

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