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Joe Galloway's last column

Galloway already wrote the post mortem on health care "reform" last December, even though all the access bloggers are getting round to it now):

Instead of declaring at the outset that he wouldn't sign a bill that didn’t contain the single-payer option — the only honest player in a crooked poker game, the only real competition that could curb the greed that now sucks 20 cents profit and overhead out of every dollar of health insurance premiums — Obama signaled that everything was negotiable. ...

Absent from the legislation now is anything that even remotely threatens the profits and the big bonuses and the private jets and the gold-and-marble office towers of the health care and insurance and pharmaceutical corporations.

What we needed was principled and determined leadership in the White House and on Capitol Hill. What we got from the people whom we elected and sent to Washington to clean house and shape up a corrupt system was much ado, and then nothing.

What we need to do now is vote all the scoundrels out of office — Republicans and Democrats alike — and send in a new and hopefully more honest, caring and courageous team. Then keep on doing that until we get it right.


NOTE It would be interesting to try applying a simple rule: "Never vote for the incumbent." Stick to that for two or three elections in a row, and the churn might throw up something interesting.

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Submitted by ralphb on

It's time to give DC the voter's version of "Shock and Awe". Looks like nothing else will work. I don't care if it's your cousin or your favorite uncle, vote against the sucker and throw them all out!

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Submitted by cal1942 on

unity thing was never consistent with change. Something his mindless supporters didn't get or never thought about.

Somewhere, recently, I read a Jim Hightower quote ... the only thing found in the middle of the road is roadkill.

So far as voting incumbents out of office; I don't know if that would do any good. The same players, the usual suspects, will buy every newcomer.

The only way to straighten this out is with real campaign finance reform that includes REAL public finance.

Then we only have to be vigilant for old-fashioned in your face bribery instead of the legal bribery practiced today.

You'd think that Democrats especially would be eager to make this move. But alas, they're aren't smart enough to know it would be an advantage. Too busy counting the corporate loot the majority party always gets.

Submitted by ralphb on

should yield at least a few months of real service before they are bought out. Each pass through the "vote 'em out" cycle should make it harder to buy them. It would be much more expensive if they know they only have one cycle to get rich.

Eventually, maybe we'll find some which won't be for sale.

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Submitted by cal1942 on

would give us a GOP controlled Congress.

As ineffective as this Congress is, putting the GOP in charge would be far worse, especially with this President.

The evidence we have is that various business interests buy members of Congress. It's what's done. There is no evidence to suggest that newcomers wouldn't be bought off the minute they walk in the door.

Remember that Obama's supporters were ready to canonize him. Look what happened.

I've heard Green Party advocates claim that they are holy. Hell, they've even taken money from Republicans and when pressed about that they come up with all sorts of rationalizations.

Doesn't matter who's in office. as long as business is the big money player they're all subject to corruption.

This can only be stopped with REAL finance reform.

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Submitted by sisterkenney on

And maybe we can get a person elected who REALLY is a CITIZEN-politician. Someone who not only doesn't want to be a politician but CRINGES at the thought of winning (like me). I DON'T want to win, or live in DC, I have a real job, that I'm good at, and am practically unemployment-proof (Critical Care-ER RN). Please don't elect me, just LISTEN to what I have to say, and then PUSH your rep to follow thru on their promises, and the good things that need to be done.

Submitted by lambert on

.... I encourage you to post questions here.

"I want to run in [my state here]. Who can tell me what the FEC regs are?"

Put the question right in the subject line of the post, so it shows up in RSS readers.

I bet you'll get answers. Not right away, but if we persist, the answers will come (and will also help others who are thinking about doing the same thing).

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Submitted by Davidson on

So not everything was negotiable. Clearly, for Obama, that was a non-starter. Galloway makes Obama seem like a passive victim, when he was an active co-conspirator. Obama got what he wanted.

Yes, we should vote people out of office, but we should also have nationwide demonstrations. The need is that urgent. Why wait a year between elections?

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Submitted by ntoddpax on

Instead of declaring at the outset that he wouldn't sign a bill that didn’t contain the single-payer option...Obama signaled that everything was negotiable.

Indeed, that is central to my (or Overton's) point...

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Submitted by a little night ... on

Please. I love Galloway, and I'm terribly sorry to see him go, but:

If it's an OPTION, it's not single-payer.

"Public Option" vagueness is bad enough. Let's nip this one in the bud every time it shows up.

(Galloway didn't invent this and he's not the only one who says it. I'm not blaming him, per se.)