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Joe Biden makes a powerful case for voting Republican

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Who knew that the midterms would be a chance to nullify the bailout for Big Insurance?"


These guys, if they win, the other team, they're going to repeal healthcare [reform] and I want them to tell me why what we did wasn't an incredibly significant move that's progressive and helping people.

I'll tell you why, Joe: because it was an utterly corrupt process, under the guise of openness and transparency, that took the only workable solutions off the table (and led to the arrests of those who tried to bring them up), and the bill was written literally by and for big health-industry players. That's why.

Also via Melissa, we see the Big O talking down to his youthful base:

...some of the excitement and enthusiasm started to drain away because people felt like, gosh, all we're reading about are constant arguments in Washington....

At least to hear the President tell it, his young supporters thought Obama was going to make the mean Republicans go away or play nice, and they went into a corner and started sucking their thumbs because the grownups were yelling at each other.

The infantilizing, it burns!

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the piece at Shakesville really is worth a read! Biden is old news.

But, Obama transcript talking to student journalists is one I hadn't read before.

There's lots more before this "closer"...

~And I just want to remind young people, they've got to get reengaged in this process. And they're going to have to vote in these midterms elections. You've got to take the time to find out where does your congressional candidate stand on various issues, where does your Senate candidate stand on various issues and make an educated decision and participate in this process — because democracy is never a one-and-done proposition. It's something that requires sustained engagement and sustained involvement. And I just want to remind everybody of that.~~

As Melissa says "That is some condescending shit, right there."

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[OBAMA] during that time, naturally, some of the excitement and enthusiasm started to drain away because people felt like, gosh, all we're reading about are constant arguments in Washington and things haven't changed as much as we would like as quickly as we'd like...

Classic lack of agency. Why did enthusiasm "drain away"? Shakes's money quote:

Young people are not disengaging from politics because it's "not exciting" or "not fun," or because they don't understand the gravity of elections, or because they're suffering from the misapprehension that politics is easy.

They're disengaging from politics for the same reasons that older people are: Because they're disillusioned. Because they've been betrayed.


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This is all reminiscent of the Emperor's New Clothes. The Democrats are all praising each other over their nifty new togs. And all most of us see are a bunch of naked clowns.

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So what does America want Obamaco wonders. He got a lousy health insurance bill then a lousy financial bill passed. He calls them historic. Then he chides young voters to pay attention. Pay attention to propaganda, I would assume he means. He can't mean to really really really pay attention.

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I remember when Biden was routinely referred to on Daily Kos and other progressive sites as "Biden (D-MBNA)".

Then, suddenly, he was the VP candidate, and all these paeans to his liberal virtue and respectability came out.

Enough to give you whiplash.

Don't you people remember what you were saying days ago? Weeks ago?

Not if you don't want to, I guess.